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Other Products:

Some of our other Leather/Leatherette made products are enlisted in the below given table:

Camper Leather Turndown Tray Camper Round Leather Tray Croc Brown Leather High Tray
Croc Brown Rectangular Leather Topper Croc Brown Rectangular No Handle Leather Tray Croc Brown Round Leather Tray
Firenze Gold Round Leather Tray Flat Leather Tray w/ Stainless Trim Lizard Green Round Leather Tray
Lizard Red Round Leather Tray Lizard White Round Leather Tray Venizia Black Round Leather Tray
Venizia Brown Round Leather Tray Venizia Green Round Leather Tray Venizia Yellow Round Leather Tray
Venizia Red Round Leather Tray Camper Leather Coaster Set
Camper Leather Ice Bucket
Croc Brown Round Leather Wastebin Croc Brown Square Leather Wastebin Wastebin - Square - Brown Leather - Brown Stitching - Pink Liner
Venizia Wastebin - Rectangular - Brown Leather - Brown Stitching - No Liner Firenze Wastebin - Round - Light Brown Leather - White Stitching - No Liner Firenze Wastebin - Rectangular - White Leather - White Stitching - No Liner
Resin Tissue Cover Leather Napkin Rings Black Exquisite Faux Leather Coaster
Black Exquisite Faux Leather Coasters Set
Exquisite Faux Leather Placemats
Exquisite Faux Chocolate Brown Leather Trays
Croco Exquisite Faux Blue Leather Trays
Exquisite Faux Leather Martini Accessories
Exquisite Faux Leather Turndown Tray
Exquisite Faux Round Leather Tray
Leather High Tray
Rectangular Leather Topper
Rectangular No Handle Leather Tray
Croco Print Leather Round Tray
Croco Print Leather Rectangular Tray
Croco Brown Leather Round Tray
Croco Chocolate Brown Leather Rectangular Tray
Croco Chocolate Brown Leather Round Tray
Lizard Print Leather Round Tray
Lizard Print Rectangular Tray
Black Leather Round Tray
Black Leather Rectangular Tray
Burgundy Leather Round Tray
Burgundy Leather Rectangular Tray
Black Leather Condiment Boxes
Brown Condiment Trays
Black Leather Round Wastebins
Black Croco Leather Square Waste Baskets
Brown Magazine Holders
Croco Brown Leather Magazine Holders
Brown Leather Ice Buckets
Black Croco Leather Ice Bucket
Chocolate Brown Leather Round Trays
Indent Shoe Leather Box
Indent Knife Leather Box
Leather Chopstic Box
Leather Bar Tray
Leather Bar Accessories
Ice Bucket Handle in Leather
Cocktail Shaker with Leather Cover
Decanter Holder in Leather
Wine Opener in Leather
Bottle Opener Covered in Leather
Handle Covered with Leather
Leather Office Accessories
Leather Tray
Leather Mouse Pad
Leather Paper Weight
Leather Pen Holder

Quality Assurance

Quality wise, our leather products are of very high standards, which are highly demanded in the international markets (mainly USA and Europe). The enormous demands for our products in the US and European countries bear testimony to the fact that the cutlery containers and other items are the best available in the world market.

We follow stringent quality control measures, right from the procurement of the materials to the final checking, packaging and delivery of the products worldwide. We have an in-house quality control facility, where the quality inspector supervises the manufacturing process at various stages. They also test our products on the parameters of strength, finishing, and resistance against water. Besides, the final products are verified to ensure that they are an exact replica of the original designs and serves perfectly the desired purpose for holding bottles, holding magazines, etc.

Even the quality of our services is of paramount degree and we never take extra time to accomplish our work, instead we have been praised on several occasions for discharging our duties within the stipulated time frame with 100% consumer's satisfaction level.


Leather Edge is a company, which strongly believes in technology application at all levels of production and therefore, it has established a very good manufacturing unit, which houses the latest machines and equipments. Our manpower comprises of talented and experienced machine operators, engineers and professionals, who work together to aid in the growth of the company. With a view to manufacture high value and class leather products, we stick to the norms of processing only superior quality finished leather hides, which are obtained from established leather tanneries.

Our talents and trained professional are adept at handling the latest machinery and are also well aware of the new trends and technologies prevalent in the world market. Utilizing the latest equipment, our team works in close cordiality, to come up unique and attractive range of service products for the hotel industry that will enable us to enhance our success rate globally.

Our R&D wing provides innovative techniques and formulas of production, which help in producing products at par with the existing trends in the market. A large and spacious warehouse owned by us is a boon, as it helps us store bulk products to meet all kinds of market demands.

Warehousing and Packaging

Manufacturing delicate and intrinsically designed range of hotel items, we also take extra care in their storage and packing. The trays and bowls are filled with stuffing materials and packed using the reliable materials and packaging machines. The packing and handling of the products is done only by experts, so as to ensure their safe and perfect delivery worldwide. The warehouse is also systematically maintained, so as to prevent the products from being affected by dust or moisture. This way we ensure the best quality of Wine Bottle Holder, Guest Service Directory, Waste Basket, Bill Holder Box, Service Tray, Placemat, and other service products of hotel industry and hospitality industry.